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  • Construction Safety Surveillance

  • Forklift Certifications

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  • Post-Accident Investigation

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  • Job Safety Analysis Assistance

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"As the Project Manager for a successfully completed grass roots specialty chemical facility, I was very fortunate to have Wade Ratcliff and Superior Loss Control Solutions as the lead for the Safety initiative.  More than 800,000 work hours were expended in the construction effort with a TRCR 5 times better than industry average.  “Safety is no accident”, and good results are only achieved thru a well thought out plan and diligent execution."
John Cutler – Hunt, Guillot & Associates, LLC


“As a staffing company, we've worked with many safety consultants over the years. None have been as engaging, approachable, and willing to help as Wade Ratcliff. He doesn't simply preach safety - he demonstrates it with stories relayed from his experiences in the field. The most important thing about Wade is that he does not come across as an 'outsider.' Our staff relates to him. Our customers feel at ease with him. He's able to get behind the curtain to see true day-to-day operations and offer constructive feedback on how to keep our people safe. You can't put a price tag on that.”
Bryan Borland – HR Manager for FirstStaff, Inc.


"Excellent service with real world knowledge and experience."

Tram Jones – Principal and Operations Manager for Mid-States Wood Preservers


“I have worked with Wade for over two years now and have found him very helpful with safety and OSHA compliance. I would highly recommend his service to anyone.”
Keith Odom – Safety Director and Aircraft Pilot for JPS Equipment


“Wade and his team did a wonderful job helping us manage our project.  We expended $140 million and approximately 796,000 man-hours with no lost time incidents and only 1 OSHA medical recordable incident.  I am convinced the work of Wade and his team was the driving force in making the low Total Recordable Incident Rate a reality! Our safety record is directly proportional to the efforts of the folks at Superior Loss Control Solutions”.

Jim Tidwell - CACL2 Senior Project and Operations Manager


“I have over 25 years of project management experience in wood products facilities.  I have worked with Wade Ratcliff over 20 years and have most recently completed 40,500 safe man-hours without any incidents.  Wade was the Safety Manager in charge of these projects, and his duties included the drug testing program, daily safety meetings, safety audits and notes on daily progress of construction.  Mr. Ratcliff is a well organized team player with the knowledge and experience to complete large or small projects.”

Jedd Lewis - Weyerhaeuser


“Hogan Hardwoods has utilized practical safety and sound management solutions from Mr. Ratcliff in both an employee and consultant capacity.  Mr. Ratcliff helped Hogan Hardwoods reduce injuries almost 50% in three years and save $640,000 in annual insurance premiums.  Additionally, after Hurricane Katrina Mr. Ratcliff was instrumental in the successful relocation of the New Orleans manufacturing facility to Baton Rouge.  Product and equipment were relocated and production resumed  without a single incident”

Clay Hipp - President and Principal


"Wade Ratcliff has a way of keeping the attention of the men in our shops with things they can pass around and look at and as well as personal experience true stories.  It is always a pleasure working with Wade.  I trust his knowledge and experience to point out what is good and what needs improvement in our workplace."

Donna Shady - Safety Coordinator - Watson, Inc.


"I have known and worked with Wade for over 15 years. He was the safety manager over 2 dryer rebuild projects at Weyerhaeuser Zwolle. Through his efforts both projects were completed on time and injury free. In fact there was only one incident throughout both projects—a contractor got a dust particle in his right eye; however it was flushed without further incident. Wade was not only key in the safety of the project but was very key in identifying areas that needed attention of the rebuild itself. Wade and his team would be a valuable asset to any company or project."
Barry Garcia - Boise Cascade - Florien Plant Manager